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Period Pride Campaign

Visual Identity


Shame and stigma enables period poverty.

Driving change in service and education is a significant part of Share the Dignity’s work, however, that is made difficult by the stigma, lack of quality education and lack of data surrounding menstruation and period poverty. Period Pride is a campaign on a mission to change that, and in 2021 I had the privilege of creating it’s visual identity. The campaign roll-out consists of two phases, the first phase was accompanied by a survey aimed at better understanding peoples experience of menstruation in Australia. Phase two of the campaign’s roll-out is focused on education and will be activated in primary and secondary classrooms across Australia in 2022.

While Period Pride’s demographic is extremely broad (anyone who menstruates) it is aimed primarily at school aged people.

Guiding concept

Rejecting shame to understand period poverty in Australia


To create a bold and direct visual identity that encourages conversation, because if we can’t comfortably talk about menstruation, we can’t address period poverty. The use of blood forms in the campaign mark and throughout the design, inherently rejects the idea that periods are something to be ashamed of.

Additionally, staying away from a typically feminine aesthetic was a deliberate design decision to avoid alienating people who don’t identify with that expression of gender or femininity.

Company: Meta
Video production
Swinburne University of Technology: Dr Jane Connory
Survey & reporting
Data analytics

The design has helped and continues to enable positive outcomes for Period Pride. The survey reached its target of 10,000 entries within just 3 days of launching, and ultimately received over 12 times that amount. Period Pride sparked conversation in homes and in the media with popular programs such as The Project covering the story.

The campaign was also shared extensively on social media helping the client reach new supporters. The campaign has already resulted in the creation of Australia’s largest data set on people’s attitudes and experiences of periods.

The Period Pride survey has provided valuable data such as the alarming statistic that 22% of respondents had at some point needed to improvise on period products due to cost. This data will assist the client in their fight against period poverty and creation of educational resources.

Client's thoughts

“Working with Myla was a breeze from start to finish. Her calm nature was exactly what we needed working on this large campaign. Myla helped the vision of Period Pride come to life through her innovative thinking and willingness to push boundaries in her designs. She managed to bring our audience along for the ride while bringing in new supporters and champions of Share The Dignity allowing us to exceed our targets for the campaign. Working with Myla was honestly a joy and I hope to have the opportunity again in the near future.”

Katie Norbury
Marketing and Communications Manager
Share the Dignity