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Creating Period Pride

Campaign Extension


A lack of public health information enables period poverty.

A lack of accurate and in depth period education impacts negatively on all students. Share the Dignity’s work aims to reduce stigma in an effort to tackle period poverty. Research has shown that a lack of quality education in schools contributes to the shame surrounding menstruation and perpetuates period poverty.

The Period Pride campaign is on a mission to change that, and this second phase focuses on in-school education.

Guiding concept

Tackling period poverty through creativity and education


In addition to lesson plans and educational content for teachers, this phase of the campaign includes a competition that encourages students to use their creativity to combat shame and communicate openly about menstruation.

The name Creating Period Pride speaks to the nature of the competition as well as emphasising the fact that pushing against stigma is something that needs to be actively cultivated. This new phase expands on the existing visual identity with sticker graphics that represent both creativity and menstruation.

Amelia Cartmell

This phase involves Share the Dignity educating in schools nationally, facilitating conversations and creativity for Australian students. Share the Dignity has broken new ground with their $2.5 million dollar partnership with the Queensland State Government which currently includes 120 schools across the state offering free period products through vending machines on campus.

Client's thoughts

“Working with Myla was a breeze from start to finish. Her calm nature was exactly what we needed working on this large campaign. Myla helped the vision of Period Pride come to life through her innovative thinking and willingness to push boundaries in her designs. She managed to bring our audience along for the ride while bringing in new supporters and champions of Share The Dignity, allowing us to exceed our targets for the campaign. Working with Myla was honestly a joy and I hope to have the opportunity again in the near future.”

Katie Norbury
Marketing and Communications Manager
Share the Dignity