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Issues affecting women and people who menstruate are often misunderstood or obscured. TheAustralian healthcare, advocacy, and service landscape is unclear for both those in need of support and those providing it. See Red provides a central information point for period healthcare resources and women's health experts organisations and charities inAustralia. See Red launched two initiatives, the Red Pages and Red Pantry.Red Pages exists to help people and organisations connect with support, resources and each other. Red Pantry is a grassroots initiative guiding people to set up a Red Pantry with products in a bathroom they frequent to help those experiencing period poverty in the area.

Guiding concept

Bringing the health of women and menstruating people into focus


The guiding concept communicates what see red does, but more than that, it is a sentiment that is important to both those seeking support and those providing it. The guiding concept is represented through out the identity using focus circles, brushes and blurs. Periods are still seen as shameful and embarrassing, and ‘inoffensive’ approaches in public-facing communication that use blue water or pink tea parties often prevail. See Red’s name and identity rejects this approach and reflects the passion and drive behind the organisation.

The research phase for this project included interviews and surveys with various stakeholders, from people in need of support to those providing it. Personas, ecosystem mapping and peer analysis helped to better understand the people, organisations and factors that influence someone's experience of seeking support.

Amelia Cartmell
Grace Pointon
Web Development
Cody Wood

The visual identity enables See Red to communicate effectively with both those seeking support and those providing it, receiving positive feedback and engagement from both groups. The work provides a strong foundation from which See Red can grow. See Red is currently focused on building out its database and securing funding for hands-on initiatives working with GPs and community healthcare professionals to improve the quality and accessibility of menstrual healthcare throughout Australia. The research we conducted to build See Red's identity and understand the challenges and goals of those See Red engages with continues to add value and guide the development of initiatives and resources.

Client's thoughts

“Myla is an incredibly talented designer who takes an innovative approach to her work. She looked holistically at the project and made everything fit together in a way I would never have envisaged. Her enthusiasm and organisation are prominent and an absolute asset. Additionally, I found that her open and honest communication helped move the project along in a very positive way.”

Amelia Cartmell
See Red Australia