emma Tomm & Tomm studios


Visual Identity


Breaking into the fashion and styling industry requires unique and memorable visual communication that emphasises your individual aesthetic. Emma started her styling career in the film and music world and as her client base grew she needed a consistent identity that could grow with her. Tomm studios is the costume hire component that often goes hand in hand with her styling services conducted under emma Tomm.

Guiding concept

Versatile, unique and carefully crafted, like fabric


Bringing to life a vibrant and lively visual identity that reflects the personal style of emma Tomm and Tomm studios. Through our research it became clear that the most advantageous way to brand Emma’s services was to focus on building industry recognition of ‘Tomm’. That meant taking Emma’s independent styling services and the emerging costume hire component that is Tomm studios under one identity, allowing for seamless transition between the services. The various text treatments applied to the word ‘Tomm’ references the motion of fabric in a range of states: cut, stretched, draped and placed haphazardly or with intention and care.

Emma Tomm
James Caswell
Assistant: Bajupe
Hair & Makeup: Name here
Matt Kelly

Since creating the brand Emma has landed work on major Hollywood films as well as short films for Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC. Emma has worked on productions by world renowned directors such as Baz Luhrmann and now frequently integrates her hire services.

Client's thoughts

“I have never trusted anyone more with my brand than Myla. She listened and understood exactly what I was trying to achieve. Not only did she listen, she also contributed great insights that took the project to the next level. Myla’s communication throughout the was excellent. Myla always took the time to understand my needs and was prompt in her responses and delivery. Whenever someone needs a designer, I don’t hesitate before blurting out Myla’s name.”

Emma Thomas
Stylist & Owner
Tomm studios