Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Visual Identity


Outside The Box is a social enterprise creating taboo tackling earrings and donating 50% of its profits to PERIOD and Share The Dignity. Both are not-for-profit organisation that serves menstruators in need by distributing tampons, pads and menstrual cups.

Many people suffer from cultural shame and stigma attached to their bodies, menstruation and sexuality, compounding the issues that people with vaginas face. These issues range from period poverty to the medical institutions lack of understanding, dismissal and misdiagnosis afforded to people with vaginas. This issue is multifaceted with plenty of intersectionalities.

Guiding concept

Combating stigma with visibility and information


Outside The Box’s visual identity and communications aim to challenge norms and start real conversations around our bodies, menstruation, health and sexuality. Outside The Box combats the dangerous stigma these topics carry and help people feel more confident, informed and supported.

While a pair of earrings is not the answer, they hope to be a part of the solution, and frankly, the world has plenty of penis paraphernalia already.  The branding of these earrings is designed to highlight their carefully crafted and unique form. Outside The Box wants those who find their work confronting, to take a moment to question why.

Cody Wood
Myla Yeomans
Photography & Direction
Tallulah Daisy
TK Beauty

Outside The Box continues to build a community of people and share stories that often go unheard. Outside The Box has been featured in publications such as Ramona Magazine and teamed up with companies like Tom Organics to share their message. In addition to their online presence they now run pop up stalls.

Customer's thoughts

"I have had many insightful and educational conversations with people who have noticed my earrings and asked about them, with a lot of fellow vagina-havers being very excited at the representation and empowered to have a discussion about their reproductive health. As a Nonbinary person with chronic pain caused by reproductive issues, the inclusiveness and awareness this brand and product represents means more to me than I can say. And the fact half the profits are donated to such a worthy cause? Priceless."

Sophie Rogers
Outside The Box